Class of 2001 alumna, Angela Pucciarelli, recently shared with us her favorite memory during her time at Northern Chautauqua Catholic School.  She reminisced of the fun she had during the 8th grade educational trip to Washington, DC!

Angela is currently the Assistant Director of Athletics and Athletic Compliance at Jamestown Community College.  Below is her message on the lessons she learned at Northern Chautauqua Catholic School and how she incorporates them in her day to life.

“Being in higher education now, I am FOREVER GRATEFUL for the Catholic education I was privileged to receive.  A big part of how young adults make decisions and how one ultimately decides to live their life has a lot to do with how they were raised and their ultimate goals.  The structure that NCCS provided was a network of support that makes you want to follow your dreams and succeed.  The things I learned outside of books at NCCS are what stick out in my mind:  how to be compassionate, how to welcome everyone with open arms, that arguments are OK but it is how you get past them that show your true character, to be polite and courteous, how to have a healthy competitive spirit – being a humble winner and a respectful loser, and quite possibly most important is teamwork.  When you are school-aged and actually at NCCS you cannot realize it, but now seeing how everyone works together for the common goal of providing their children with a Catholic education, and especially a Catholic education in our little corner of the world is a really great and unique thing.  When I see schoolmates that I haven’t seen in years, I know I can walk up to them and say “hello” and strike up a conversation and even if we only talk briefly, there is a sense of Monarch Pride that resonates with graduates that is unrivaled anywhere else.  In my current job, I see students all of the time with an unknown direction for moving forward and little stability from where they come from.  I always count my blessings when I interact with them; because of my time at NCCS I had opportunities and the structure in my life that allowed me to shoot for the stars and I knew that there was a strong support system of people in place who cared about me and wanted to see me succeed in whatever I chose to do.  That support system and structure is something that not many people outside of NCCS can relate to.  It is fantastic to see that team continue to grow!”