NCCS academic honors students

Northern Chautauqua Catholic School Principal Jenny Tilaro recently announced the names of students who achieved Academic Honors for the second quarter of the 2017-2018 school year.

First Honors are awarded to students achieving a grade point average of 94 to 100 percent, Second Honors are given to students averaging 90 to 93.9 percent, and Merit Roll is awarded to students averaging 85 to 89.9 percent.

First Honors

Fourth Grade: Thomas Askar (Fredonia); Olivia Cole (Dunkirk); Lila Drab (Cassadaga); Andrew Ellman (Dunkirk); Ezra Estus (South Dayton); Nathan Keefe (Fredonia); Carilene Sliwa (Forestville).

Fifth Grade: Luca Gullo (Fredonia); Robert Hall (Sinclairville); Madeline Kroll (Dunkirk); Robert Strang (Westfield); Maximus Sturniolo (Fredonia).

Sixth Grade: Joe Askar (Fredonia); Anna Normand (Dunkirk); Julia Price (Fredonia); Rylee Strefeler (Dunkirk); Victoria Tate (Silver Creek).

Seventh Grade: Molly Greenough (Cherry Creek); Kyler Huels (Dunkirk); Flynn Jameson (Dunkirk); Alyssa Salerno (Dunkirk); Paiden Wittmeyer (Stockton).

Eighth Grade: Fred Gullo (Fredonia); Jacob Markham (Fredonia); Marc Patterson (Portland).

Second Honors

Fourth Grade: Myah Benjamin (Dunkirk); Abigale Strang (Westfield); Kearstin Witkowski (Dunkirk).

Fifth Grade: Natalia DiPalma (Dunkirk); Emma Dulak (Fredonia); Elijah Greenough (Cherry Creek).

Sixth Grade: Noah Benjamin (Dunkirk); Brady Greenough (Cherry Creek); Cecilia Jordan (Fredonia); Camden Marx (Fredonia); Makayla Tabone (Fredonia).

Seventh Grade: Julian DiPalma (Dunkirk).

Eighth Grade: James Beehler (Dunkirk); Estella Estus (South Dayton); Siera Porpiglia (Dunkirk); Ashton Witkowski (Dunkirk).

Merit Roll

Fourth Grade: Riley Mourer (Fredonia); Liliana Seibert (Silver Creek).

Fifth Grade: Jordan Johnson (Fredonia); Austin McGowan (Silver Creek); Mia Van Wey (Dunkirk).

Sixth Grade: Kaydance Campbell (Fredonia).

Eighth Grade: Nathan Pakulski (Dunkirk).

Principal Tilaro reported that 98 percent of students who could qualify for an honor received an academic recognition of excellence, crediting the students and teachers for all of their dedication and hard work.

NCCS is a Middle States Accredited, private Catholic school offering Pre-K3 through 8th grade instruction to children of all faiths. Enrollment is now open for the 2018-2019 school year. Call 366-0630 for more information. Private tours are also available.

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