STREAM - Educating Students for their Future

STREAM educates students for their future.

The idea of emphasizing the subject areas of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math has been driven by the business community to prepare a more agile, educated workforce for our country’s future. It has become evident that our economy is being driven by innovation. The creativity and communication nurtured through “the Arts” is seen as an essential component to innovation. As Catholic schools, “Religion” is woven through all subjects creating a holistic approach to education. STREAM, therefore, is the necessaryevolution of STEM education, usingan interdisciplinary approach to bridge subject areas. It is not a new curriculum, but a philosophical framework for delivering excellence in Catholic education for 21stcentury learners!

STREAM education makes learning relevant.

STREAM education allows academic concepts to be coupled with increased real life experience in all the subjects. Students become involved in hands-on projects where problem solving, collaboration, and the results of their efforts make lessons more relevant than a textbook alone. Increased technology to enhance teaching and learning is emphasized allowing students to explore their own interests. Access to business professionals further exposes students to potential future careers and helps answer the question “why are we learning this?”

STREAM education emphasizes interdisciplinary connections.

STREAM intentionally connects disciplines; in the real world content knowledge is interwoven, layered and sophisticated, it is not experienced in isolation. For teachers, STREAM education promotes the coordination of topics around central themes and encourages the exploration of concepts in relation to one another. While disciplines are essential, STREAM encourages teachers to ask “where does my subject area intersect with yours?”

It takes a village.

STREAM education promotes the focus of our school resources. It empowers teaching professionals to increase collaborative planning and teach standards in unique and engaging ways. It gives our school parents, fundraising associations and neighboring business partners a shared focus.

STREAM also recognizes the larger school-community connection as vital to school success. Educational opportunities spanning all STREAM disciplines will be sought within our community businesses, academic institutions and cultural centers. These larger school-community relationships are integral to the success of STREAM and a measure of our shared goal- a promising future for the Catholic school students of WNY.

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