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Nicaragua Baseball Equipment Donation at NCCS

Chautauqua County Sports Hall of Fame baseball coach Charlie LaDuca is still an avid baseball fan, coach and player. Coach LaDuca continues to be actively involved in Men’s Senior League Baseball. LaDuca’s hardball involvement takes him all over the country. Charlie’s friend Pat Kelly and a group of Men’s Senior League baseball players from Sacramento, California will once again be making a good will coaching trip to Nicaragua.

The purpose of the trip is to teach the youth of several Nicaraguan villages, the fundamentals of baseball. These are very poor areas and many of the villagers there lack the basic comforts we take for granted. One thing that is not lacking, in these poor areas, is the love of baseball. The larger purpose of this annual trip is to distribute much needed baseball equipment to these fine young players.

Senior League ballplayers have seen firsthand the Nicaraguan’s love of the game as well as the poor field conditions that these kids play on. Games are played on dirt diamonds with cardboard bases. Many players use paper bags to construct gloves while playing barefoot. Even the baseballs used are missing covers and sometimes held together with tape. Catchers’ gear is rarely found and all basic baseball equipment is needed.

Charlie LaDuca is not only still supporting the sport that he loves, Charlie is also supporting Northern

Chautauqua Catholic School as a Trustee. Charlie has asked the NCCS school family and the local baseball community to help with this noble cause by donating baseball equipment to be shipped to Nicaragua. The target of this outreach, are young players usually 8-14 years old. The following equipment is much needed and donations of baseball gear are greatly appreciated:

Catcher’s Gear, Turf Shoes and Plastic Spikes (no metal spikes), Baseball Gloves, Metal Bats and

Baseball Pants.

Donations of equipment will be accepted at NCCS every regular school day during the month of December and also during the Peg Smith Basketball Tournament, taking place this Thursday through Sunday, December 5-8th.

Please call the NCCS office at 366-0630 to schedule after hours donations.

Thank you for your generosity!

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