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Our Philosophy:

At Northern Chautauqua Catholic School, we are committed to creating a culture steeped in Christian faith, while providing an exceptional education for all of our students. Our community of parents, faculty, teachers, and students is close-knit, ensuring that everyone involved in our school is warmly welcomed and encouraged to get involved.


We know that learning begins at home, so parents and grandparents of NCCS students are able to play an active role in our classrooms every day. This unique partnership of parents, teachers, and faculty allows us to all support one another as our children grow and learn.


Formal and Religious Education:

Northern Chautauqua Catholic School emphasizes the STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, and mathematics) approach to learning. By following this methodology, we provide all of our students, beginning at age 3, with the foundation for an exceptional educational experience.


Our Spanish program makes us the only school in our region that begins teaching a second language to 3-year-olds. In fact, in addition to their Spanish course, all of the 3, 4, 5, and 6-year-old students in our Pre K3, Pre K4, and kindergarten classes attend music, art, physical education, and computer technology on a weekly basis. This allows them to enroll in advanced Regents classes and credits in NCCS Prep School when they reach 6th through 8th grade. This early commitment to a well-rounded education truly sets NCCS apart.


Furthermore, we adhere to all educational regulations set forth by New York state and the Diocese of Buffalo. Children are taught religious songs, Biblical lessons, Para Liturgies, and attend Mass. This strengthens their faith and teaches them positive morals and values that can be applied throughout their lives. Our teachers and faculty model these behaviors each and every day, serving as exceptional role models.

Our Approach to Teaching:

At Northern Chautauqua Catholic School, we understand that all students learn differently. Due to this, our teachers discover children’s learning styles and provide them with individualized instruction that suits their skill sets.


Peer Mentoring Program:

Northern Chautauqua Catholic School’s peer mentoring program greatly benefits young learners. Older students are paired with Pre K3, Pre K4, and kindergarten students and work with them in a variety of areas, including reading to them and walking with them to church. By providing little ones with regular engagement with older students, they are able to see the Christian values and morals we uphold in our school community in action.


Your Family’s Investment:

Northern Chautauqua Catholic School is a private school with annual tuition fees. These costs are lower than those associated with most traditional daycares and our programming provides children with significantly more benefits. If you have questions regarding tuition, please contact our office.

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