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Northern Chautauqua Catholic School 

Communication Channel

December 2017

Formal Written Communication

All formal written notification to families will be sent via email from the Principal's Office - aludwig@nccschool.us, the Finance Office - ncc_office@nccschool.us and/or ncc_finance@nccschool.us or the School Front Office - awhitcher@nccschool.us.  

Weekly Memos/Emails will be our main source of written communication (along with papers in take home folders). The weekly memo will be sent from ncc_office@nccschool.us.

Who to Contact When

What if I have a concern with my child (i.e. curriculum, behavior etc?)

-Contact your child’s teacher
-Send an email to the teacher (emails are listed on our school’s website)
-Call the school and leave a message for your child’s teacher (who will call back and make arrangements directly with you).



What if my child will be absent from school for any reason?

-Send an email to the school office at awhitcher@nccschool.us


What if I have a question on a fundraising effort?

-Contact the Home School Association at hsa@nccschool.us


What if I have questions about my child’s health or medical needs?

-Contact the school nurse at HPowell@dunkirk.wnyric.org


What if I have a concern about my tuition payments/schedule?

-Contact the school’s finance office at ncc_finance@nccschool.us

-Call the school and leave a message for Mary Jane Starks, Finance


What if I have concern and do not know where to go?

-Contact the school office at awhitcher@nccschool.us

 What if I tried the above methods and still feel my question was not answered?

-Contact the principal, Andrew Ludwig at aludwig@nccschool.us

Social Media

Social media is a great tool to allow us to share with the world everything NCCS has to be thankful for!  While many people leverage this tool, this is not where the main source of information comes from.  If you see something on social media that was not in the weekly memo or take home folder, please call the office for clarity.

As this is a second source of communication, we will also use it to send reminders and share events throughout the year.

NCCS has a Facebook page – Northern Chautauqua Catholic School
NCCS has an Instagram – N. Chautauqua Catholic School

We also have a closed group Facebook page for current families, students and employees to share stories, pictures and ask for help! 


For example:  If it is 9pm at night and you cannot remember if it is out of uniform the next day, you can ask a fellow parent.

This exclusive Facebook page is – We Love the Monarchs!

Guidelines for Facebook Group

Current staff, employees and family can ask to join or be invited by a current member.
Any post that contains curse words or violates the school’s mission will be removed. 

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