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Religious Education

A group of students reading at Religious Education program at NCCS in Dunkirk

Our Catholic school educates every aspect of your child: academically, spiritually, physically and mentally.

Catholic schools are faith-based communities where belief in God is part of the everyday environment. Our schools have daily prayer, and students regularly attend Mass together. Inspirational words and images are present throughout our schools, as well as frequent reminders of Jesus’ message for all of us. 

As your child grows and matures, she will have many questions about the world, her identity, and her soul's purpose. Trying to navigate through life with so many outside influences is hard. NCCS helps build that vital foundation that a child needs to succeed in life, not just professionally, but also spiritually. What beliefs will he have? What will drive her throughout life? When he faces a challenge in life, will he have the ability to persevere and overcome this challenge? Oftentimes, when someone is faced with an illness or experiences the death of a loved one, they state that they got through that difficult time because of their strong faith in a higher purpose and power. 

NCCS knows the importance of children experiencing religion. Their experiences give them a chance to understand the beliefs, purposes, issues and practices of Catholic faith without prejudice or pre-conceived notions. With a firm sense of their values and faith, children can be prepared to make a difference in our world.

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