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Home School Association

As part of enrolling your children in Northern Chautauqua Catholic School, families agree to be a participating member of the Home School Association. This organization is run by a dedicated group of parent volunteers.

The Home School Association organizes fundraising activities, end of the year school picnic and Teacher Appreciation week activities. The fundraising done by the HSA group is an important source of financial support to our school.

The Home School Association’s financial commitment each year is determined by the Board of Trustees and the Finance Committee.

This is a great way for your family to get involved in school activities!



  • Chicken Barbecue dinners

  • Mother’s Day Flower Baskets

  • Niagara Chocolates Easter Candy

  • Annual golf tournament

Throughout the school year​:


  • School Store

  • Basket raffles

  • Monthly lotto tickets

  • Cans for Cash: Throughout the school year sponsored by Nickel Back Redemption Center and Can Kings


Our progress as a school will be reported regularly to parents by letter or email. You may also request an update at any time.


HSA’s annual goal/budget is $90,000. With a donation of $600 per family for the school year, we can meet this goal and help keep our tuition costs down. This can be accomplished by using the fundraising events above or cash donations. Just like fundraising, donations can be made throughout the year. For example, $60 per month or $30 twice per month.


Keep in mind, with fundraising, only the amount above the profit can be used towards a donation amount; however, with cash donations, it is the full amount.


*Remember all donations are​ tax deductible. ​You will receive a receipt for each donation made to Northern Chautauqua Catholic School.

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