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Over 30 Years of Excellence in Education 

Why Choose NCCS

  • Our smaller class sizes provide for a more intimate learning environment that public schools can't offer, giving your child more attention.

  • We teach compassion by working with our community members and helping those in need.

  • We offer a variety of clubs for the students that are FUN and valuable.

  • NCCS teaches our students to become faith-focused, caring and well-rounded men and women capable of excelling in their adult life.

  • We provide a disciplined and structured learning environment that many other schools do not offer. 

  • Parents have noticed a distinctive positive change in their child's love for learning, social interaction and overall compassion once they started attending NCCS.

  • We offer an after-school program for homework help, child care and AIS.

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Northern Chautauqua Catholic School happily accepts donations towards the needs of our school. Your generous donation means so much to us, and we thank you!

Help your favorite school! Throughout the year, we have many opportunities where we need volunteers to help our school. 

Provide a foundation for Christian living by integrating and nurturing faith through teaching and example and thereby becoming an extension of the teaching mission of the Roman Catholic Church.


Ariel D.

The environment at NCCS is like no other school, it’s a whole family. My nephew had been bullied at his previous school and after he transferred to NCCS, we loved the school and the environment so much, as a family we decided to send all our kids there.

Abbey W.

The education that my son receives is outstanding and is the education myself, along with my FIVE siblings, received throughout the years! I am PROUD of all the accomplishments our school is receiving, and I feel that our core values (compassion, acceptance, understanding, LOVE, etc) are truly being exemplified.

Jessica M.

We love the school, the teachers, the other families and all of the opportunities our children have had while being enrolled. Thank you NCCS for bringing out the best in my children.

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